Interchange Management

In today’s economy, the use and acceptance of card payment has expanded all over the globe giving both merchants and cardholders the ability to buy and sell goods and services easier and more securely from just about anywhere in the world. This trend has increased demand by the cardholders for greater benefits from the Card Associations by issuing rewards points and airline miles to entice the use of the cards. Risk assessment and security compliance come at a high price, and so do interchange fees. Chances are most merchants have no clue how they are being assessed merchant account fees and would not understand the basics of interchange fees.

Merchant account processing costs consist of card brand assessments, interchange fees and the fee your payment processor will be charging your business to accept card payments. There are different types of fee structures that a processor will charge a merchant such as a tiered-rate or a pass-through rate structure. By understanding the fundamentals of how the Card Associations assess interchange fees according to the card type being processed, the merchant can see why it is important to properly process cards and understanding what type of data should be submitted when processing particular credit or debit cards.

For example, accepting PIN-debit transactions or even the ability to swipe cards rather than manually entering card information at your business can save a significant amount of money by having the right technology and solutions in place.

How does your business currently accept debit and credit card transactions?

Do you know the difference between a qualified and a non-qualified rate? How about a mid-qualified rate?

Did you know there are hundreds of card types with different interchange rates assessed by the Card Associations?  

What types of cards are most commonly used at your business?

MasterCard Interchange Rates and Criteria (March 2013)

Visa USA Interchange Reimbursement Fees (April 2013)

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Contact a Merchant Bully Certified Payment Professional to conduct a statement analysis on your current merchant account fees to identify the type of cards that are commonly used in your business and the method your organization processes credit and debit card transactions to see the various ways we can minimize your businesses merchant fee exposure.


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Interchange Management

In today's economy, the use and acceptance of card payment has expanded all over...


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