Level II or Level III Data

What is Level 2 or 3 Data (Level II Data & Level III Data)?

Level 2 or 3 Data defines what items are being purchased on an invoice item-by-item in a B2B or a Business-to-Government agency transaction by using a special type of credit card called a Purchasing Card. Purchasing Cards are issued to large corporations and government agencies to offer a special interchange rate for those companies that can submit detailed invoice data by MCC, for example, to the Card Associations to be processed at a cheaper interchange rate in order to promote the use of credit cards amongst corporations and government agencies.

How does Level 3 Data affect interchange rates?

Submitting Level 3 Data for qualified transactions can save a company between 30-60% on credit card processing rates per year on average!

What type of data is REQUIRED to be submitted to the Card Associations for Level 3 Data? 

The following information is required to be submitted when a Level 3 eligible transaction is identified:

• Payment Information – card #, expiration date, billing address, zip code and invoice #
• Sales Tax – required to be submitted as a separate line item
• Freight Amount – $0.00 or more, required to be submitted as a separate line item
• Duty Amount – $0.00 or more, required to be submitted as a separate line item
• Line Item Details – item code, item description, quantity, amount per unit, unit of measure

How can Merchant Bully implement a Level 3 Data solution so I can get the cheaper interchange rates?

Merchant Bully has the technology necessary to identify Level 3 eligible transactions and receive the lowest possible interchange rate the Business, Corporate or Purchasing Card has to offer. Our Level 3 Data solutions can be utilized by creating multiple invoice templates that capture various Level 3 Data and save it for use anytime.

Did you know with Level 2 Data or Level 3 Data your organization can negotiate better terms with your monthly spend by lower pricing, reducing expenditures and help with regulatory compliance?

Visa Enhanced Data

MasterCard Enhanced Data

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