Electronic Invoicing & Collections

Merchant Bully can help solve your company’s accounts receivable by automating the invoicing and collections process. Typically, the accounts receivable process consists of sending out invoices to customers, fulfill the order and accepting some form of payment to complete the sale. Eliminate the use of manually entering data into multiple systems and minimize the risk of human error by electronically producing electronic invoices and sending invoices by email and/or SMS text message, customers can pay their invoice with a credit card, debit card, ACH, electronic checks all on one secure system.

CenPOS™ Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) platform helps promote a paperless environment and productivity by accessing and processing data in one centralized location. Do not worry about your bookkeeper calling in sick anymore. Let technology handle applying payments and send out reminder emails or SMS text messages to customers with unpaid and open invoices.

Benefits of CenPOS™ EBPP platform include:

• NO paper mail – NO paper costs – NO postage costs
• Batch invoicing and bill payment
• Tokenize customer payment information for now and future use – checks, cards or BOTH!
• Electronic bill payment through electronic invoicing fast and secure via email or SMS text
• Payments are automatically applied to the corresponding invoice it pertains to
• Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual processes
• Create special notes on invoices
• Configure promotional discounts for customers
• Advanced tools and reporting features


Contact a Merchant Bully Certified Payment Professional to implement an electronic bill presentment and payment platform today.

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