Interchange Optimization

What is Interchange Optimization?

Interchange Optimization is a process by which a business processes a payment with all of the data required by the Card Associations in order to get the cheapest interchange rate possible.

How can Merchant Bully help my company optimize interchange rates?

Merchant Bully offers the latest in Interchange Optimization Automation Technology. CenPOS™ is a cloud-based hosted solution that can integrate with most ERP’s, hosted shopping carts, POS terminals and it can essentially act as a virtual terminal. The proprietary solution is a rules-based engine that can offer real-time discounting and dynamic transaction routing in order to get the cheapest rates possible. By automating the electronic payments process, a company can eliminate human error at the point of sale, never worry about the type of card processed and if all the required information was submitted to the Card Brands in order to get the cheapest interchange rate possible, and even automate the entire accounts receivable process.

Interchange Optimization can save your merchant processing fees by 30-100 basis points per transaction. Other ways to save by optimizing your interchange rates are by settling transactions within 48 hours of processing the transaction and by submitting Level 2 or 3 Data when processing Business, Corporate and Government Purchasing Cards.

Merchant Bully can help optimize your interchange rates by having the solutions in place to submit the sufficient amount of information for the Card Brands to qualify the transactions at the lowest interchange rate possible the card type offers, automatically.

Contact a Merchant Bully Certified Payment Professional today for more information on how to implement the CenPOS™ platform into your organization.

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