Mobile Solutions

Merchant Bully has all the mobile processing solutions available. Fast, efficient and secure are the main characteristics merchants look for when processing payments over their mobile phone. However, most mobile solutions do not have the ability to see the global transactions a business processed in a day from all payment sources, only what was processed on the mobile device that day.

Merchant Bully offers mobile technology that will allow a merchant to accept PIN-debit transactions and even the capability to capture electronic signatures remotely hosted on a secure server. For even more added security, our mobile solutions are hosted and can even store customer payment data as a token for future use. That means you can even use checking account data as a token for multiple payment acceptance. Gift card programs can also be supported by some mobile processing solutions.

Mobile processing features include:

• Electronic signature capture
• Process payments by swipe, manual entry or token
• Email customized customer receipts
• Full reporting capabilities
• PCI DSS Compliant

Contact a Merchant Bully Certified Payment Professional to implement a mobile solution in your organization today.

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Mobile Solutions

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