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What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is an executive management tool that organizes key performance indicators the management team identifies and presents the information in the form of visual reports, charts, maps and tables. A dashboard builds visual reports from all types of financial and nonfinancial data.

Can Merchant Bully Certified Payment Professionals teach use how a dashboard can help my organization?

Yes, Merchant Bully has the knowledge and expertise to analyze financial and non-financial data to help management make the correct business decisions with fully transparent data. Conducting business in multiple environments, such as cloud or mobile, can be difficult to manage since most systems operate independently so you would have to produce reports from every system and piece it together on a spreadsheet after the transactions have already occurred. Businesses today need the ability to access real-time information from anywhere in the world and to compile the necessary information from multiple sources on one report. By allowing the executive-level team access to financial data from a parent company level to the cashier level, it gives them the visibility necessary to drill-down into data and look for variances and solve critical questions to get your business back on track.

Robust reporting tools, such as the CenPOS™ Dashboard, can set milestones for a company that will promote executive involvement and sponsorship by trying to achieve those goals, for the benefit of the shareholder or the benefit of the customer. Implementing systems with open architecture will allow an organization to centralize and automate data from multiple environments to create a full array of custom reports seamlessly without the headache of exporting and creating custom formulas that don’t always flow correctly or capture the right data. Dynamic reporting will enable the user to create a spreadsheet by a simple copy and paste function rather than lengthy exports, combining multiple reports manually and recreating formulas.

Some features of the CenPOS™ Dashboard include:

• Global Sales Summary
• Full card processing transaction report
• Check Processing Report
• Geolocation Report – shows exact location from where transaction was processed
• Token Summary – displays all the tokens stored on the account
• Custom Fields Report – build a report to show all the custom fields created in a report
• Auto-Reconciliation – reconcile your processing against your daily bank deposits in one report
• IP Summary Report – displays all of the transactions IP addresses

Merchant Bully can help your organization analyze data from a high-level company perspective and drill-down to the detailed cashier-level by implementing CenPOS™.

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