In a card-not-present environment, processing payments online or over a telephone can be time consuming and also increases the risks of a credit card security breach by storing credit card data or checking account information on file electronically or on a paper payment authorization form stored in an office drawer. Tokenization has revolutionized the payment industry by converting card data into random code, a token, for future use by a business in which the consumer gave authorization to store their card data for future purchases.

Not only can the token be used to complete a payment, the token can be used multiple times for those businesses that offer monthly subscription services to consumers charged by a recurring billing system. Tokenization helps an organization minimize risk exposure from employee data theft by converting the payment information into a random code specific to only that business that cannot be used for payment at any other business. The increased use of mobile payment processing has allowed tokenization be utilized in a safe and secure manner to process cards over a mobile phone without having to store sensitive customer payment information.

CenPOS™ Tokenization can be used for the following types of billing models:

• Installment Sales
• Variable Installment Sales
• Recurring Sales
• Repeat Sales


Read more about the ways Tokenization can be used in your business: Recurring Billing Solutions and Mobile Processing Solutions 

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