Merchant Bully has partnered with Apriva™, the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions, gateway services, and secure information solutions, to utilize their Vending and Unattended Payment Solutions with independent operators, schools, governmental agencies and other for-profit organizations. Our unattended solutions support all IP, Dial and Wireless networks. Already preparing for the future in payment industry our solutions also support EMV and NFC Payments. Merchant Bully is able to provide solutions that are beneficial to both the business and consumer.

As a business owner, you cannot afford to not provide consumers with the proper solutions for payment in the electronic and mobile commerce age. Adding the acceptance of credit and debit cards can provide an increase in consumer traffic and added safety for the vending or unattended machine, cash collected and the goods inside. We understand security and cost are the main concerns businesses are facing when considering implementing unattended payment solutions.  As a merchant services company, we must always hold ourselves to high ethical and professional standards, we independently validate our unattended solutions against the strong encryption and security programs of Visa, MasterCard and the Payment Card Industry.  The cost of accepting credit card payments on such low-ticket items cannot be overlooked. That is why we have negotiated a special rate for all of our unattended payment clients, which can save the merchant $0.20 per transaction on average on interchange fees.

Some benefits of implementing a vending or unattended payment solution include:

  • PCI compliant-secure wireless technology – Proprietary Apriva™ software encrypts and compresses all of your cashless payment data to keep it secure and transmit it quickly and reliably over wireless networks.
  • Advanced hardware – high quality validators and telemeters provide the most reliable performance in the industry.
  • Tier-1 wireless networks – Apriva™ partners with AT&T™, Verizon™ and Rogers™ to provide world-class wireless networks to support your cashless payment transactions.
  • Powerful back-office reporting tools – You can monitor all of your cashless transactions right from your computer with our web-based system. Configure your reports to deliver the cash accountability and reconciliation data you need.


Contact a Merchant Bully Certified Payment Professional for more information about implementing an unattended payment solution today.

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